Board member Positions


Vice President
Class Coordinator   (3's Leader/4's Leader)
Field Trip Coordinator
Publicity Coordinator
Fundraising Coordinator
Classroom Purchaser
Non-Board Member Positions
School Pictures Coordinator
Schoolastic Coordinator 
STEM Coordinator



Job descriptions



Be available to teachers, board members, parents and students.

Will serve as Administrator of J&J Facebook pages

Schedule board meetings and parents meetings

Work closely with the secretary to create agendas for the meetings and preview the meeting minutes before they are distributed

Responsible for the registration process.
     -Coordinating the Open House
     -Take phone calls from new parents
     -Distributing up to date registration information i.e. tuition prices, school info
     -Actively promote the school

Keep all records handed in by parents
     -Distribute the info as necessary  
      i.e. class list to teachers, emergency contact info etc

Meet with the VP and the teachers to discuss the new year’s contract

Meet with St. Martin’s to discuss rent agreement in August.
     -Have open communication with St. Martin’s Vestry if any issues with the building should arise
          -Our contact person is Father Earl King

Make sure all board positions are filled by the start of the school year
     -Before the Change of Board Meeting would be best
     -This meeting should be held as close to the end of the year as possible

Stay in close contact with all board members
     -Meet with VP once a week if possible
     -Make sure all duties are being completed in a timely manner
     -Help out where and when needed

Be Familiar with Robert’s Rule of Order (this is an official guideline on how to run an organization’s meetings)
     -Keep meetings on topic
     -Hold a vote when necessary


Vice President

Collect medical/immunization records for all students and report to the Department of Health (DOH)
     -DOH will contact Jack and Jill through designated person (VP) all information necessary for this task
     -DOH knows VP's e-mail address as
     -New VP will have to activate a notarized user account with DOH (Previous VP will need to discontinue his or her account)

    Provide support and maintain close communications with board members

    Will serve as the contact person for the Jack and Jill Website

    Most roles of VP are decided and agreed upon between President and Vice President at the start of the year and are therefore subject to change

    If possible, it is helpful to have a Vice President whose child is in the opposite class of the President's, although this is not necessary



Responsible for managing all incoming and outgoing money to the school

Collect and keep track of tuition for each family throughout the year

Manage late fees as well as engage in correspondence with families who are not current on their tuition.

Responsible for generating tuition receipts, paying bills (rent, insurance, accountant, subscriptions, etc), purchasing supplies for the teachers, reimbursements, making deposits among other duties.

Will work with the Fundraising and Field Trip Coordinators when exchanging of money is necessary.

Will have primary control of the banking accounts (checking/savings) as well as the school’s checkbook.

Will keep accurate and precise account of the account balances on both the checking and savings account.

Responsible for retaining and filing bank statements, Paychex teacher salary statements and ‘items paid’ receipts. Treasurer is also responsible for submitting tax information to our Accountant.

Will provide an annual finance report at the beginning and end of each school year



    Board and Parents’ Meetings
        - Agenda  - Work with the President to prepare an agenda and distribute it before the meeting.
              *Type and distribute minutes to the board members and teachers.
              *Keep a hard copy of the minutes on file for reference at future meetings.

      Christmas Party:  Santa’s List  
           -Distribute index cards for each student at the November Parents Meeting. Have each parent write 2 positive characteristics about their child.
           -Collect cards and use them to create “Santa’s List” for each class.  The list needs to get to Santa a few days before the party so he can familiarize himself with it.

      End of the Year Ceremony Programs - Work with the teachers to design programs for Moving Up Day and Graduation.

  • Work closely with the President to ensure all J&J forms, by-laws, etc., are up to date


Class coordinator

    Always have an up to date contact list of the families in the 3’s/4’s class, including names of parents and child, address, phone numbers (home and cell, if applicable) e-mail address and child’s date of birth

    Find out from parents which of the working days they can work.

    Produce the working days calendar for each month of school. 
         - Assign each family to work on at least one day during the month
         -Include on that calendar any child’s birthday for the month and ensure that their family is assigned to work on the school day closest to their birthday.
         -Include on that calendar any school field trips
         -Include on that calendar any parents meetings for the month.
         -Include on that calendar the Toy Cleaning date for the month.

    Forward the calendar to the website administrator by the 20th of the month with the following month’s calendar.

    Notify parents that the monthly calendar has been posted on the website and ask the parents if there are any conflicts
         -If there are any conflicts work with the person to resolve them as quickly as possible.  Ultimately it is the working parent’s responsibility to find a replacement.

  • Ensure the lists for people working for the various parties (including but not limited to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Wee Winter Olympics,
    Grandparents day etc.) throughout the school year are filled in, and each family gets to work at least one party during the school year.
    •      -Inform all the parents that if you are signed up as the leader for a particular party it is your responsibility to talk to the Teachers about any items needed to make       the party run smoothly.

    • Ensure the lists for the Toy Cleaning schedule are filled in and each family volunteers for one Toy cleaning per year.
           -Inform the parents responsible for toy cleaning of the items they need to bring with them such as, cleaning solution, disinfectant wipes, large towel, paper towels

  • Communicate with the teachers about any problems that arise.

  • Communicate with the families on a regular basis via e-mail or notes in the take home folders.

  •      -Photo Release Forms
      •           *Distribute photo release forms to parents during the first week of school.  Give a deadline to collect them.
      •           *Collect and save forms.  Use the class list to note permission to use photographs.  If you do not receive permission to use a child’s photograph,
                    please let the board, teachers, and class photographer know.


field trip coordinator

  • Coordinate plans for all field trips

  • Design and distribute permission slips to all students

  • Collect cash/check from parents to be given to treasurer

  • Have a class list of all attending on hand at all trips with emergency contact information

  • Be Jack & Jill’s spokesperson at the venue, ie handling and arrangements with the venue

  • Bring the school’s first aid kit with you on the trip

  • Keep all permission slips and give them to  the President to be kept on file

  • If you cannot attend the trip, assign someone else to take your place and give them the appropriate info


publicity coordinator

  • Photo release Forms
         Distribute photo release forms to parents during the first week of school.  Give a deadline to collect them
         Collect and save forms.  Use the class list to note permission to use photographs.  If you do not receive permission to use a child’s photograph,
         please let the board, teachers and class photographers know.

    • Publicity and Advertisements
           -Submit photos to local publications, (Dispatch, Pennysaver, etc.)  Select a photo and put together a few sentences about the event.  Include the school
            name and address, the event and date and a description of what the students did.  You can also mention upcoming events.
          - Advertise for Open House and Registration.  (In the past we have run 3 week ads in the dispatch beginning at the end of January)
           -Come up with other creative ways to advertise for J&J and promote the school within the community. These can include purchasing ads in local
            event programs such as dance recitals, purchasing an outfield sign through Grand Island Little League, coordinating a float for the 4th of July Parade, etc.


fundraising coordinator

  • Coordinate plans for all fundraising efforts

  • Be Jack & Jill’s spokesperson with the fundraising company or vendor

  • Distribute fundraising materials to all students

  • Distribute fundraising orders to students

  • Keep track of fundraising requirement for each family throughout the year

  • Collect cash/check from parents to be given to treasurer


    Classroom Purchaser

    • Keep inventory of snacks, drinks, and paper supplies

    • Purchase snacks, drinks, and paper supplies for daily use

    • Be aware of any health/allergy issues and purchase “safe food” accordingly

    • Coordinate and/or make treats for holiday parties and special events (Grandparents’ Day, End of the Year Picnic, etc.)

    • Rotate snacks through the bin based on expiration date

    • Will communicate with the teachers and purchase any classroom supplies needed.


    School PIctures Coordinator (NOT a Board Position)

    • Set fall and spring dates

    • Supply photo company with class lists prior to photo dates

    • Be present on photo days to facilitate set-up questions, transition time (between 3s and 4s) and break-down

    • Generate sign up sheet for “visiting” class to be photographed

    • Make parents aware of packages and options


    scholastic coordinator (NOT a Board Position)

    • Distribute monthly flyers to students

    • Place book order (includes online orders as well as inputting teacher’s order and any paper orders received)

    • Mail payment to Scholastic

    • Distribute order to students